Low voltage jointing & termination kits.
Medium voltage joints & terminations .
Heatshrinkable tubing.
Heatshrinkable breakout boots.
Heatshrinkable end caps
Heatshrinkable repair sleeves.
General purpose heatshrink tubing.
Street lighting enclosures

General purpose Heatshrink tubing.
Telecom cable accessories.
Heatshrinkable jointing systems.
Pressurised & jelly filled cableclosures.
Fiber optic splice closures.
Fiber optic connectors & cables
Indoor and outdoor termination boxes.
Distribution cabinets.

Soldering sleeves
Cables for Industrial Electronics
Heatshrink tubing & moulded shapes.
Harness components.
Integrated harnessingsystems
Connector backshells.
Heatshrink marking systems.
EMC Shielding braids & components

Our Training facility is an accredited ESETA Skills Development Centre specialising in medium voltage cable jointing and termination methods.Our main objective is to increase the level of knowledge and skills abilities of its own personnel as well as instructing its customers in the proper use of its products.

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