The Tank Telecommunication Division has grown from strength to strength by continuously developing the world's first inline re enterable splice closure, for the use on pressurized cables. The modern day Tank closure has been augmented with many improvements from the original design to service all possible telecommunications applications, providing connectivity for fibre and copper networks throughout Europe and Africa.

The Tank Engineering Department follows a stringent design and approval procedure, testing each closure to international standards, at our state of the art testing facility, the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Once approved, all closures are manufactured at our ISO 9001 accredited Cape Town based facility, to exacting specifications.

In addition to closures, Tank Industries further manufactures accessories and products ranging from distribution frames, subscriber demarcation units, various copper, fibre optic and hybrid products.

To compliment our range of manufactured products, we have exclusive agreements with leading telecom accessory manufacturers to offer, our valued Customers total solution from broadband to the last mile.

All splice closures are tested to IEC 529 IP 67, and IP 68 for underground and or buried applications, incorporate looped and/or single cable entries, mechanical or heat shrinkable sealing methods and a host of additions and custom designs.

The Tank inline closures, (TKA or TKX for copper and TKO for fibre applications), accommodate splicing of up to 2400 copper pairs or 288 FO cables.

The Copper dome closure, or TK2000 for overhead and TUG for underground distribution and splicing, caters for up to 200 pairs, and was designed with network stability, practical constraints, and the end user in mind.

The Fibre Optic dome closure, TFO series can accommodate 12 to 288 Fibre distribution and splicing requirements, featuring cost effectiveness, compactness and ease of installation.

Tank Wraparound closures, TRWC 1000 for pressurized networks, and TRWC 550 for non-pressurized networks are also available in various sizes.

The VENUS, or TVB series are a well engineered range of enclosures catering for up to 100 pairs of copper, termination of 12 fibres, splicing through of 72 fibres or hybrid combinations thereof. The enclosures have modern aesthetics and provide compact solutions to a wide spectrum of wiring applications. Top ^

The Tank TOFT3000 12way splice cassette is a modern compact design, provides a bending radius of 45mm. The TOFT2000 is a
larger 12way splice cassette where more slack is required. The TOFT series can accommodate conventional heat shrink and mechanical splice protectors (ANT) and holders.

Fibre Optic Patch-leads and Pigtails are manufactured by our wholly owned subsidiary, Fibertail. Our laboratory is equipped with sophisticated polishing and test equipment to ensure high quality of every lead we provide. Fibretail products compliment those of Tank to ensure our Customers are provided with high performance, future proof fibre optic connectivity solutions.

The Tank cablegrip is an alternative to conventional heat shrink sealing methods, tested to IP67 and provide a heat and tool free glove for aerial, pedestal, overhead or wall mounted closures.

For connection and dropwire modules, Tank distributes VS Compact and Standard IDC modules and UY/R2 connectors to name but a few.
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