The core business of the Electronics division of Tank Industries, is based on thermoplastics and heatshrinkable materials technology. The electronic product package consists of locally manufactured electronic sub-assemblies, value added, high quality, imported components, and integrated cable harnessing systems for the military, industrial and commercial electronic fraternity at large.

Tank products are used by professionals for connecting, terminating, protecting and sealing electrical/electronic cables. High grade material, based on quality polymers, are used in the manufacture and system integration.They meet the demanding design criteria of
mechanical, physical, chemical and electrical characteristics required from VG, MIL-SPEC, DEF-STAN, GIAT and UL.

Electronic / Electrical Wire and Cables
In industrial and military applications, there is an increasing demand for connections between elements of apparatus and equipment. To meet the stringent requirements, in particular with respect to the design parameters, it is advantageous to use Mil-W-81044/9 or Mil-W-
22759/32 or VG 95218 as basic elements.

Cable Protection
1. Integrated conduit systems, using polyamide high temperature materials.
2. Corrugated tubings: connectors and fittings ,braided nylon sleeving.

Design facilities preparing prototypes for new and modified Copper and Fibre Optic cable systems.

All services conform to accredited configuration management systems based on VG 95343, UL and industrial specifications.

Earthing Systems
Design, Manufacture and Testing of earthing systems.

Intergrated Cable Harness Systems
Cables to Mil-C-27500 and system cables with connectors, harnesses (to UL and automotive specifications) are also part of Tank's product package.

Harness Systems: Heatshrinkable

1. Integrated harness systems for industrial, commercial and traction systems:
• heatshrinkable systems
• conduit systems

2. Harnessing components:
• wire and cable
• heatshrinkable tubings
• moulded parts Top ^

GP tubes are flexible, general purpose, heat shrinkable tubing manufactured from cross linked Polyolefin. The tubing will shrink and conform to irregular shapes when heated to a temperature above 115°C. The shrink ratio of GP tubing is 2-1. GP tubes have excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties; typical applications include insulation, identification, wire strain relief and protective covering for components. GP tube is flame retarded and UL listed except for GP clear, which is not flame retarded.

• high strength and excellent resilience
• good mechanical strength and abrasion resistence
• excellent chemical resistence
• high resistence to UV and good weatherability Top ^



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